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Search Engine Associate (SEO)

Ibdata is looking for an analytical and creative individual to jump in and get their hands dirty all around our  website. Filter through analytics, assess the SEO tactics of competitors, find the areas of opportunity, set a strategy, and then execute based on the data. We value creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.


Making data-driven decisions around landing page optimization, linking strategies, SEO tag optimization, content additions.

Handling SEO basics (keyword research, SEO tag audits, etc.)

Competitive analysis to determine the best way to increase clients search visibility

Reporting on analytics and changes in KPI trends

Working with paid digital team to set up proper conversion tracking for ad campaigns

Develop creative solutions to measure the impact paid campaigns have for our clients


  • Data-driven/analytical focus
  • Outstanding communication skill
  • White-hat SEO approaches
  • 5+ years of experience in a similar SEO focused roles.

You’ll be a Fit If:

  1. You’ve got a sense of humor – our office is a fun place to work
  2. You’re passionate about making the web better, great content, and using analytics to drive decisions.
  3. You enjoy truly working as part of a team, not as a cog in the wheel

Must have:

 SEO, SEM, CMS, Knowledge of HTML or CSS, and Website Administration: 5 years

Benefits include:

Monthly Salary + Sales Commission
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance
Vision Insurance

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Employee Selection Process:

When it comes to building a workforce that drives superior business results and customer satisfaction, our candidates go through a series of interviews and complete series of tests including a personality profile, a problem-solving test, a risk-assessment test, a drug screen and a state and federal background check. 

Staff Loyalty:

First we hire the right people and continue to develop their careers with ongoing career development program, tuition reimbursement, or skills training to ensure employee loyalty and retention.

We maintain "open-door" policy that avoids closed-door meetings. Employees are given an opportunity for advancement and are not micro-managed.

Strategic compensation package:

It includes not only base and variable pay scales, but long-term incentive compensation, bonus and gain-sharing plans, benefit plans to address the health and welfare issues, and non-cash rewards and perks as well.