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Technical Support/Service Representative


Provides Technical set-up of A/V and PC equipment, provides technical support to all end users, physically arranges all meeting furniture, and is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and professional environment in all meeting and public spaces.


Prepare all meeting rooms to be set up according to meeting requirements; includes the testing and operation of all Audiovisual, PC and technical equipment in meeting rooms.
Ensure that the meeting room meets the need of the IBDATA speaker and clients by acclimating them to capabilities of the equipment in the meeting rooms and by continually following up to troubleshoot any/all technical or logistical challenges if necessary.
Maintain all technical aspects as well as cleanliness of all audiovisual and computer equipment.
Create and maintain accurate inventory of all center equipment.
Continually research new & innovative technology which may be applicable to business and present them to Center Management.
 Meeting Material & Logistics
Retrieve meeting requirements from iMIS and or from Center Operations Coordinator (Program Administrators).
Confirm that all meeting materials that were received are correct; physically arrange all meeting furniture, equipment, and set meeting materials as required
Ensure that all current literature and IBDATA promotional material is appropriately displayed through out center's display areas
Customer Service
Work closely with seminar leaders to ensure that their needs and requirements are met.
Interact with participants and IBDATA staff to determine and deliver required/requested services and support
Develop, recommend and initiated service enhancement ideas.
Must be cross-trained with the customer service coordinators and/or center coordinators (PA’s) to be able to provide “back-up” support to those roles. 
Facility Services & Maintenance
Mailing, shipping, & receiving responsibilities for center mail & freight.
Ensure that the center is open for business each and every business day (all required meeting rooms are open, all necessary equipment are in room, and all beverage stations are open)
Maintain all public areas; including lounges, business center, and ensuring that beverage stations are clean, stocked, and presentable for IBDATA customers
Identify any specific facility issue (HVAC, maintenance, security, etc…) and report to Center Manager.  Any hazardous condition requires that it be brought to the Center Management’s attention immediately.
Complete semi-annual cleaning and maintenance program for all meeting rooms, public space, and all audiovisual equipment.
Create & maintain an accurate inventory of all center furniture.
Other duties as assigned. 


College or technical/vocational degree or certificate preferred.
2+ years conference center and/or hotel/convention services experience desired.
Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
Strong interpersonal skills required.
Must be detail oriented.
Must be team oriented and a self starter.
Experience in general a/v installation and operation required.
Overtime and some weekend work required.
Required to wear specific business attire on a daily basis.
Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks and continually re-evaluate them in a constantly changing environment.
Must be computer literate with working knowledge of PowerPoint, Excel, Lotus Notes, and MS Word.

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Employee Selection Process:

When it comes to building a workforce that drives superior business results and customer satisfaction, our candidates go through a series of interviews and complete series of tests including a personality profile, a problem-solving test, a risk-assessment test, a drug screen and a state and federal background check. 

Staff Loyalty:

First we hire the right people and continue to develop their careers with ongoing career development program, tuition reimbursement, or skills training to ensure employee loyalty and retention.

We maintain "open-door" policy that avoids closed-door meetings. Employees are given an opportunity for advancement and are not micro-managed.

Strategic compensation package:

It includes not only base and variable pay scales, but long-term incentive compensation, bonus and gain-sharing plans, benefit plans to address the health and welfare issues, and non-cash rewards and perks as well.