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IBDATA Coordinator

The IBDATA Coordinator will serve a vital role on the IBDATA Team, providing logistics, support and coordination on all aspects of program deliverables for the IBDATA including, but not limited to:

  1. • Interaction with various internal and external teams
  2. • New business development activity
  3. • Client interaction
  4. • Confirmation and identification of seminar materials
  5. • Managing blended and live-on-line deliveries
  6. • Facilitator engagement

This position requires:

  1. Exceptional organization, communication and follow-through skills
  2. A positive and proactive attitude
  3. A strong commitment to quality and a keen eye for detail
  4. Outstanding customer service mindset and skills



Client Meeting Support, Logistics and Administration:

  1. Partner with various team throughout the sales and scheduling process.
  2. Responsible for customer satisfaction by ensuring timely coordination of all aspects of logistical support.
  3. Coordinate, provide and respond to client requests for completion of vendor forms.
  4. Provide regular client project status updates and coordinate update meetings with appropriate team members.
  5. Pro-actively work to positively impact the customer and IBDATA.
  6. Build cohesive partnerships with various IBDATA departments to support programs effectively and respond to client needs in order to build IBDATA sales.
  7. Prepare reports and presentations as needed.Facilitator Support and Administration:
  8. •dentify cadre of facilitators through research and discussion in order to effectively match the right experts with a public program through verified client need. Assist IBDATA facilitators conducting international engagements requiring Visas, passports, and other necessary documents.
  9. All other related duties/projects.



  • 2+ years business experience in education and sales environment preferred.
  • High school diploma required; BA/BS preferred.
  • Extremely organized self-starter and motivated learner.
  • Very strong attention to detail and excellent customer service skills with dedication to exceeding the needs of our customers.
  • Excellent verbal and written interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to function under pressure in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.
  • Able to work in a deadline-driven environment, handling multiple projects/tasks while maintaining exceptional quality.
  • Strong analytical skills and proven problem solver.
  • Proficient with technology and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Ability to master a variety of software systems and databases.
  • Must be able and willing to work additional hours in accordance with business need.

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Employee Selection Process:

When it comes to building a workforce that drives superior business results and customer satisfaction, our candidates go through a series of interviews and complete series of tests including a personality profile, a problem-solving test, a risk-assessment test, a drug screen and a state and federal background check. 

Staff Loyalty:

First we hire the right people and continue to develop their careers with ongoing career development program, tuition reimbursement, or skills training to ensure employee loyalty and retention.

We maintain "open-door" policy that avoids closed-door meetings. Employees are given an opportunity for advancement and are not micro-managed.

Strategic compensation package:

It includes not only base and variable pay scales, but long-term incentive compensation, bonus and gain-sharing plans, benefit plans to address the health and welfare issues, and non-cash rewards and perks as well.