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Each and Every Employee

Founded by business and IT professionals, IBdata has grown to be one of the West's largest business and IT solution companies with services throughout the US and around the globe.

Our goal has always been to preserve a steady Cash Flow and healthy profit through the proper application of our solutions, tools and techniques..

We provide business IT solutions for your business in order to stay profitable in ever increasingly competitive environment. You can expect from  IBdata the most cost effective way to increase your business productivity; in fact we have found that it cost less than our clients doing it in-house.

Because of our professional, experienced staff , the highest technology and innovative IT solutions gives us the ability to implement creative solutions in a consistent and timely manner.

In many cases IBdata is asked to be responsible to take over a company’s complete IT support, asking us to step in to take care of all the software support duties consisting of: Software installation, maintenance along with helpdesk duties.

By using our resources to manage your business IT needs you will find that we can implement business solutions faster and for less than you could by doing it in-house.

By using us as an extension of your company you can take advantage of a substantial savings by: streamlining your operation, quicker ROI, reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through their productivity and efficiency enhancing benefits.