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Have you ever noticed how much easier some software packages are to use or conversely, how difficult and confusing others can be? Maybe you've been frustrated that you can't seem to get that one piece of information that you really need to make that big decision? Does your business software improve the operating performance of your company or is it holding you back? The answers to these questions are often heavily influenced by software design. All custom business software is not created equal. Just like a fine house designed by a top architect or a high end sports car designed by top automotive engineers, software performance is directly impacted by the quality of the original software design. As is the case with most things in life, built in quality and performance will usually outperform later attempts to repair defects or short comings.

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Revenue Solutions

With cash flows declining, margins tightening, and bad debt increasing, it’s more important than ever to maintain a steady stream of income for your Business. This goal may seem difficult, but there are many opportunities to significantly improve your revenue Streams.

We use state of the art Enterprise Data Warehouse systems, fast innovative front-end user interfaces to Mine Your Business Data in all revenue processes whether Marketing, Sales, Customer Management, Product and Service Management and Credit Management.

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Budgeting Solutions

Reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 90%
Deliver real- time forecasts reporting and analysis, with our on-line tools.
Provide business users with intuitive data entry interface
Better, faster, more-informed business decisions
Connect to any data source by importing information from any of your applications with a few clicks of a mouse.  Integrated P&L, balance sheet forecasting, cash flow forecasting
Budget Modeling:
Create business models with no programming required. Easily create and modify departments, accounts, and dimensions.  Customize data entry sheets for different end-users.  The system allows driver-based planning, budgeting and forecasting.  Forecast using Non-Financial Data such as Personnel planning by individual or groups and Capital Asset Planning
Make it easy for managers to submit, approve, and reject plans
Control who can modify plan data, and when it can be modified
Use powerful group level approvals in complex organizations
Use email alerts when plan status changes

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

IBDATA enables you to enhance and expand the capacity of your existing IT resources to accelerate the implementation and optimization of your business applications. By using best practices, talent and tools, we provide flexible and scalable solutions that maximize the total value of IT within a predictable cost structure.

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Business Intelligence

We are committed to help our client transform the volumes of data hey have been collection from multiples data sources into meaningful actionable information.

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IT Staffing & Training

IT Staffing & Training

IBDATA l is an IT staffing and workforce solutions provider. We specialize in providing IT professionals for contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placements. We go through a thorough screening process to provide you with the consultants that best fit your technology staffing needs. Our hassle free processes, responsiveness, and ability to understand your IT staffing requirements, separate us from our closest competition.

We offer IT training programs, covering Major Key competency in IT skills. These programs are designed with one main goal – making sure you and your staff will be competent and productive.


The training by our experienced professionals offer:

- Shorter learning curves.

- Effective knowledge transfer.

- Lower cost per student than other training providers

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In a growing era of internet, we help you to grow your business capabilities in a cost-effective approach. Our E-commerce solutions are designed with need of your customers and suppliers. You can greatly expand your market potential with E-Commerce which will lead to:

Higher customer retention or more numbers of returning customers

Increase your business conversion rates

Increased business revenues

Increase in useful traffic

Give you a higher ROI.

Reduced operating costs

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Business Intelligence 

 We Help our clients transform the volumes of data they have been collecting from a multitude of sources into meaningful actionable information to to support better business decision-making.

Our unique combination of technical and business expertise results in a more integrated, practical approach that delivers rapid and measurable results. By working with Analysis Team, our clients have recognized many key benefits, including:

  • Increased sales and profit margins
  • Reduced costs and man-hours
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Enhanced operational performance and financial visibility
  • Improved collaboration and accountability


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