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Our Services

Managed IT Services


IT Infrastructure Management

We provide a customary set of IT services to our clients.   You will have a predictable monthly IT support costs.
With a managed IT service contract we can provide many of our services remotely over the Internet rather than having to perform on-site client visits, which it takes less time to fix and often be less expensive for the client. If we do have to come out, you receive a discounted hourly rate or we can include onsite support in our service!

Benefits to consider:

  • Customer peace of mind – monitor network on 24x7
  • Single point of contact for all network issues
  • Single supplier instead of multiple vendors
  • You’ll eliminate expensive repairs and recovery costs
  • Faster computer performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime
  • The benefit of an in-house IT department WITHOUT all of the costs.
  • Constant IT budget with less likely Monthly Surprises
  • No Long Term Contracts

Your network's servers and accompanying infrastructure are vital provide the means by which all the users on your network, whether remote or local, utilize the resources that make them productive. That productivity is crucial for your company's success.

We cover every aspect of the IT infrastructure support lifecycle from installations to complete maintenance services. We can ease the burden of maintaining your company’s end-user computing environments, providing you a single point of contact under a global contact for all your end-user hardware maintenance needs 

Desktop Support

We offer support for:
All common operating systems such as Windows (95, 98, ME, XP,Win7), Linux and Macintosh Desktop related hardware (on the above operating system) such as printers, sound cards, video cards, accelerators, modems, CD / DVD drives, USB devices.

We provide technical Desktop support related software such as Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Eudora, Opera, and more.

Business Intelligence 

 We Help our clients transform the volumes of data they have been collecting from a multitude of sources into meaningful actionable information to to support better business decision-making.

Our unique combination of technical and business expertise results in a more integrated, practical approach that delivers rapid and measurable results. By working with Analysis Team, our clients have recognized many key benefits, including:

  • Increased sales and profit margins
  • Reduced costs and man-hours
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Enhanced operational performance and financial visibility
  • Improved collaboration and accountability


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